Business & Workshop Lunches

A healthy and fresh alternative to catered business lunches, Woodruffs can provide a casual lunch of sandwiches, filled rolls or a more formal spread of soup, quiche and salad. Each order is individually tailored to meet each clients needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Salad & Dip Buffet
Salad & Dip Buffet

Delivery available for extra charge.
10 % discount for orders of 50 people or more
20% discount for orders of 100 people or more

  • Bagged Lunch
    Sandwich, crisps and apple
  • Sandwich Platter
    Selection of 3 types of sandwiches, taco chips and fruit bowl
  • Sandwich & Salad Platter
    Selection of 3 types of sandwiches, 3 fresh mixed salads, mixed leaves and fruit bowl
  • Salad & Nibbles Buffet
    Selection of 3 fresh mixed salads, 3 types of dips, mixed leaves, bread and crackers
  • Soup & Salad Buffet
    Soup, fresh mixed salad and rolls
    also available with filled rolls
  • Soup, Salad & Quiche Buffet
    Soup, mixed leaves and quiche
  • Sandwiches & Filled Rolls

    Cheddar or brie with chutney
    Vegetarian sausage & red onion marmalade
    Egg Mayonnaise, rocket and tomato
    Hummous or goats cheese with slow roasted pepper
    Feta, sundried tomato & olive
    Stilton, pear & walnut, Cheddar, avocado & salsa
    Avocado & salad
    Smoked tuna and lemon mayonnaise

  • Quiches & Tarts

    Goats cheese, cherry tomato & fig quiche
    Feta, pea & mint quiche or frittata
    Stilton, mushroom & spinach quiche
    Spanish Omelette- potatoes, tomatoes, olives & red peppers
    Cheddar, tomato and broccoli quiche
    Spinach, sun-dried tomato, feta and olive frittata
    Cauliflower, brie and walnut quiche
    Sweet potato, spinach, red onion and goats cheese

  • Dips & Patés

    Beetroot & carrot paté
    Smoked mackerel paté
    Butterbean with basil and lime
    Spinach, lemon & yoghurt
    Mushroom & walnut paté

  • Seasonal Soups

    Red lentil, tomato and coconut with lime and coriander
    Sweet potato with roasted red pepper, orange and basil
    Thai carrot and ginger
    Roasted root vegetable and puy lentil
    Moroccan chickpea and vegetable with toasted almonds
    Leek and potato with croutons and fresh herbs
    French Onion with brie toast
    Beetroot, tomato and balsamic with feta and fresh herbs
    Creamy tomato and basil

  • Cake Platter

    Selection of cakes with fresh cream or yoghurt, please see cake shop