Woodruffs Suppliers

Where possible our suppliers are local and organic, providing the wholesome and delicious ingredients that help make Woodruffs the local institution that it is.

David Felce the Fishmonger
Matthew from David Felce
Coleshill's Seasonal Vegetables
Coleshill's seasonal vegetables
Global Organic Markets stall
Andie & Gilda


  • Authentic Bread Company
    Heavenly croissants and pain au chocolates, thank you for doing what we don’t have time to!
    Visit www.authenticbread.co.uk »
  • Coleshill Organics
    Year round dirty veg straight from the farm!
    Visit www.coleshillorganics.co.uk »
  • Woefuldane Dairy
    Fresh milk and cream delivered to our doorstep!  Can’t get more local than Minchinhampton!
  • David Felce Daughters & Son
    The handsome singing and dancing fishmonger makes our smoked mackerel pate and smoked tuna.
    Visit their page on www.farmshop.co.uk »
  • Global Organic Markets
    Widest selection of organic fruits, vegetables and humour this side of the Severn. We love Andie, Gilda and their dedicated team. What would we do without you?
    Visit their page on www.shamblesmarketstroud.co.uk »
  • Hania Cheeses
    Our sun kissed cheesemonger carries a good range of organic cheeses and labels all those that are suitable for vegetarians.
    Visit their page on www.shamblesmarketstroud.co.uk »
  • James’ Gourmet Coffee
    The eco warriors of coffee! Highly addictive superb coffee, supplied by a knowledgeable and oh so accommodating staff.
    Visit www.jamesgourmetcoffee.com »
  • Suma Wholefoods
    A lively worker owned cooperative supplies us with most of our dry and chilled foods.
    Visit www.suma.coop »
  • Sunshine Health Shop & Bakery
    Sunshine provide us with our lovely fresh bread and rolls, random cooking needs and lots of smiles.
    Visit www.sunshinehealthshop.co.uk »