Monday–Friday, 8.30am–5.15pm • Saturday, 8am–5.15pm • Sunday, 9.30am–2.30pm
We may be open a little later than these hours!

Woodruffs for coffee and cake: Organic coffee from Ross-on-Wye with a local organic milk (or oat, soy or almond) plus a wide range of herbal teas, chai/beetroot/matcha lattes, iced coffees, smoothies, and lower-sugar soft drinks.

Woodruffs for breakfast or lunch: All our food is homemade and includes classics like soup and toasties through to our famous curries (not the oily takeaway type!) and our Nourish Bowl full of seasonal flavour and goodness. NB Only drinks and cakes available on Sundays. View our menu

Good for you, good for the planet

Woodruffs’ ethos is to make food that’s good for both you* and the planet — whilst not compromising on taste. We use organic produce except on occasions when it is not possible or where overall it feels better to  support a responsible British farmer instead of buying something from the other side of the world. Our menu changes with the seasons which is not only more interesting but ensures maximum nutrients for your body and carbon emissions. All food is either vegan or vegetarian.

*OK, so we can’t claim that our homemade cakes are good for you, but they are a delicious treat!

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